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Texas In July, Affiance, Everclear, Launch 2014

Posted by Carson Slovak on Mar.23, 2014

We’ve had a great start to 2014 with some incredible projects. January was spent tracking a new album for Texas In July. Atrium has a long history with TIJ. We produced their first EP and full-length years ago when they began their career as a local Lancaster, PA band and we’ve watched them grow into an international touring powerhouse, releasing several amazing albums on Equal Vision Records and refining their signature sound with every new song. Grant and I were extremely excited to have the opportunity to produce their newest album and the process was an absolute blast. Check out their excellently-filmed studio update videos below and get excited for their heaviest and most forward-thinking album to-date.

February was spent with our great buddies, Cleveland, OH’s Affiance. These dudes recorded their last album, 2012’s The Campaign, with us and we were stoked to have them back. Since they were last in the studio, Affiance has been killing it on tour with bands like Killswitch Engage, Darkest Hour and Protest The Hero. Their new material picks up where The Campaign left off, continuing the conceptual motif with their distinct socio-political thematics and classic approach to melodic heavy metal. Needless to say, we had a great time once again and the album turned out amazing. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on the mix and you can check out a studio update below.

Grant and I are super excited about our current project. We’re producing a brand new full-length album for alternative rock legends Everclear. As I mentioned in the last blog post, we had the opportunity to record a demo song for Everclear back in October 2013. After testing several other producers, the band decided that they wanted to work with us for the whole album. We’re tracking the album at Think Loud Studios in York, PA, the studio that was recently built by our brothers in the band LIVE and where we recorded their new album as well. I’m personally a sucker for 90’s alt-rock (it’s pretty much all I listen to recreationally) so getting the chance to produce an album for a band I’ve been listening to since I was 14 is quite exciting for me. The new Everclear songs are everything a long-time fan could want; straight-forward, heavy-hitting rock songs with undeniably catchy vocal hooks. We have all the basic tracks complete and we’re starting guitar overdubs and vocals this week, with a final mix to be completed by the end of April.


Once again, Atrium will be a sponsor of this year’s upcoming Launch Music Conference and Festival. The conference is an awesome opportunity for bands of all sizes to perform, interact and learn about many facets of the music industry. Grant and I will be hanging out at the Convention Center in downtown Lancaster April 17-20 and there are a ton of great local and national bands playing throughout the festival, including Panic at the Disco, Chiodos and Whitechapel. Grant and I will also be guest speakers on several industry panel discussions on April 18-19. Click here for the full schedule of panel discussions and then come out and heckle us. We’d like to thank the CI Companies for the opportunity to be continually involved in this awesome event and we hope to see you there. Check out the official Launch Music website for more info.


In other news, we recently collaborated with our friends at Fake Life Clothing, a charitable clothing line that helps small business start-ups in third-world countries. I designed the limited Fake Life / Atrium t-shirt and it’s available now at the Fake Life web store. Click here to buy it and contribute to a good cause.

Some of the awesome projects coming up for Atrium in the next few months include a new full-length for longtime friends and collaborators, This or the Apocalypse, a new album for Black Crown Initiate, who kick off their tour with Behemoth this week and a new From Under The Willow album, who recorded their last release with us in 2013. Stay tuned and thanks as always for the support! – c