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Belated 2011 Update

Posted by Carson Slovak on Mar.25, 2011

As usual, the lack of updates is due to us being ridiculously busy with a ton of cool stuff. Hopefully I can get myself into the habit of keeping this site fresh with more frequent blog posts about what’s happening. Where to start…

Since December, we’ve had a ton of cool bands come through, including artists new to the studio and some returning friends as well. Some of the projects include new music from Jerod Eckenrode, Adam Taylor, Young Historians, Atlantic Avenue, May Bright Sunday, Morgan’s Accident, Schema, Macter The Martyr, Cyperna, My Heart To Fear, Carousel Kings, Amateur Theory, One Year Later, Now The City, Black Friday, Ryan Wickersham, Free The Fallen, Flight Case Syndrome, Anoka and Ex-Creations, to name a few. As you can imagine, we’ve had our hands full but it’s been a fantastic start to 2011 and a great kick-off to what’s shaping up to be an awesome year.

Atrium recently sponsored the High School Battle of the Bands at The Champ in Lemoyne, PA. The event took place once a month over the end of 2010. As part of the final prize, the winning band came into Atrium to track a song for free. Congrats to Hold Your Breath from York, PA for winning. We had a blast tracking their song “The Weak Are Left For Dead” at the studio.

One project I’m personally extremely excited about is the new music from my friends in The Gracious Few, the “super-group” comprised entirely of members of two of my all-time favorite bands, Live and Candlebox. I co-produced and engineered two new singles for the band this past month and they’re both fantastic. As many of you know, Chad Taylor (guitarist in TGF / Live) was a fundamental motivator for me when I became interested in the production end of music. Since his work on my first band’s EP back in 2002, we’ve had the opportunity to work together on a number of projects and it’s always a blast. The new TGF tracks are heavy, thick and dynamic. Very excited to play them for everyone when they’re released. Stay tuned.

Atrium, along with Aurora Creative Group, will again be an official sponsor of this year’s upcoming Launch Music Conference. This will be the third year for the annual conference, which seems to be getting exponentially bigger with each incarnation. Atrium will have a booth at the conference trade show and we’ll be there for the entire weekend to hand out free music, information and talk to everyone who comes by. The event takes place April 21-24 at the Convention Center in downtown Lancaster, PA. If you’re thinking of attending, remember to register ahead of time to receive discounted pricing. And of course, please stop by our booth and say hello!

Last but certainly not least, the big news: Atrium is now officially moving! We’ve endeavored to purchase a stand-alone building down the street from our current location. I’m extremely excited about this as it’s a move I’ve been wanting to make happen for over a year. While I’ve personally put a ton of “love labor” into our current space (sanding drywall at 3am, building a wooden subfloor with a group of friends, very slowly painting things, etc.) it’s time to say goodbye and move on up. The new space is a small, three-floor building on Prince St. in (a much nicer area of) Lancaster, close-by to The Brickyard sports bar and restaurant, Senorita Burrita, CI Records and The Chameleon, among other cool businesses. The new facility will have two studios, a main “A” tracking room, control room and iso, along with a “B” control room and iso. The vibe is great and I’m beyond excited to move, which is tentatively scheduled for mid-May.

So that’s about as concise of an update as I can make right now without my head imploding. Some cool upcoming projects we have booked over the next few months include Fisthammer, Twelve After, Black Friday, Paper Castle, Bells, Face For Radio, Barriers, Until Days End, Ahimsa Sunrise, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Daylight Falls, Headstrong, Things Behind The Sun, Dionaea and Set Sail. At some point in there, I’m also going to attempt to finish up the recording process for my own band, Century, which Ricky, Grant and I have about 13 solid songs for, sans vocals. Hopefully it will come out sometime before the 2012 apocalypse.

– Carson

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