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LAUNCH 2012 / New DW Kit / Current Projects

Posted by Carson Slovak on Apr.25, 2012

This year’s Launch Music Conference is right around the corner and, as usual, Atrium is an official sponsor. We’ll be hanging out at the trade show in the Lancaster Convention Center all day Friday and Saturday so come by our booth and say hello. We also just got some cool new diagonal-cut brochures to hand out (pictured below), as well as some nifty bumper stickers and Dropcards with new music, which will be available for free at our trade show booth. If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, do so here and check out the official Event Guide while you’re at it. You can also check out an online schedule of almost 20 bands that have all recorded at Atrium and are all playing Launch this weekend on the righthand sidebar or click here for the schedule page. Lastly, both Grant McFarland and I will be guest speakers on two of the industry panel discussions: “How To Prepare For Your Release” (Grant), Friday, April 27 @ 11am and “How Do I Get Signed” (Carson), Saturday, April 28 @ 1pm.

In other news, our brand new DW Collector’s Series custom-built drum kit just arrived yesterday and we’re beyond excited about it. We have a few kits at the studio but this one is the “tits” so-to-speak. Maple shells with African ChenChen veneer, 22″x18″ kick, 10″x8″ rack tom, 12″x9″ rack tom and 16″x14″ floor tom. It will be available for studio use by any of our clients at no additional charge. Check it out:

We’ve been hitting it non-stop since January, completing a number of full-lengths, EPs and singles for (in no particular order) Sacred Serenity, Divine Air, I Surround, Ex-Votos, Delorian Conquest, Secret Eyes, The May Season, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Benchpress, The Road To Milestone, Ace Augustine, James Wolpert, Conspiracy, Fisthammer, Samsara, Scout’s Honor, From These Wounds, YGATM, Lies of a Murderer, Forgive Yesterday and My Soul For Glory. We just wrapped up Atlantic Avenue’s new full-length (and Eulogy Records debut), two new singles for Ohio’s Affiance (Bullet Tooth Records), mastering for Throw The Fight’s John Feldmann-produced full-length (also Bullet Tooth) and a new recording for the mighty August Burns Red (details forthcoming). We’re currently in the studio with The Teeth (Rock Paper Records) recording their new full-length, which is turning out awesome so far. Forthcoming over the next few months we’ll be working with our friends in Paper Castle, Goodbye Neveah, The Riot, Eye Fur & Tooth, A Million Drones, A Scent Like Wolves, Cyperna and more.

– Carson

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August Burns Red “Little Drummer Boy”

Posted by Carson Slovak on Nov.23, 2010

Our pals in August Burns Red just posted their cover of the classic Christmas song “Little Drummer Boy.” The track was produced and recorded by me (Carson) here at Atrium and mixed by Magnus LĂ­ndberg of Cult of Luna. We had a blast putting this one together as it’s quite different from anything ABR has done in the past. Check it out HERE.

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August Burns Red, With Life In Mind

Posted by Carson Slovak on Jul.26, 2010

We’ve been super-busy the past few months and it looks like the next few will be the same. Garrett and I finished up co-producing / mixing With Life In Mind’s new album for CI Records. It came out great and the band did an incredible job with everything. This project was a fantastic learning experience for both Garrett and I, as we introduced each other to our own different methods and techniques. I think the record sounds sick! Head over to the band’s MySpace page to check out a new song from the album.

I just put the finishing touches on the mix for the new live CD / DVD “Home” for good buddies August Burns Red. We’re all really stoked on how this came out. It’s raw and full of energy but still tight and heavy, just like their live show. The DVD was filmed right here in Manheim, PA last month and features an hour-long performance to a sold out crowd of 1,250 people as well as a band documentary and other sweet stuff. The live performance is also being released as a CD via SolidState Records on September 28th. I am beyond stoked about this project as it was new territory for me in terms of mixing and I love how it came out.

Speaking of ABR, we just scheduled a few sessions next month to record a new song. It’s already shaping up to be amazing. Details forthcoming. Also, this is old news but head over to iTunes and pick up Texas In July’s new single “Uncivilized” which we recorded a few months back. Other cool projects coming up include: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Now The City, Ace Augustine, Adam Taylor, Vision and Color, Coming Forth By Day, My Heart To Fear, Dream Device, One Day Broken and Years Since the Storm.

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Launch 2010, Latest projects

Posted by Carson Slovak on Apr.14, 2010

The Launch Music Conference in Lancaster, PA is only a few days away. We’ve been busy getting ready to multitask the event. Not only is Atrium an official sponsor this year, we’ll also be running a booth at the trade show alongside our sister company, Questionable Entertainment. I’ll be speaking on two of the panels as well as moderating ALL of the panels over the course of the weekend. Lastly, CENTURY (the band I’m in with fellow studio dudes Todd and Grant) will be playing our first show in a year on the main stage at the Lancaster Convention Center on Friday with our friends, Texas In July. If you haven’t registered to attend the conference yet, hit up and be sure to come hang out and drink some beers with us.

The new Atrium Audio 2010 sampler will be available exclusively at Launch. The sampler is in dropcard format and limited to only 500 copies. Best of all, it’s FREE! The sampler includes tracks from This Or The Apocalypse, Century, August Burns Red, Texas In July, ArmsBendBack and more. Be sure to grab one!

In other studio news, we were lucky enough to have Texas In July come in for the past week to record their new single, “Uncivilized.” The single will see a digital release in time for their summer tour via CI Records. I also met up with August Burns Red guitarist JB to record a doom-inspired intro for their current sold-out tour with A Day To Remember. If you attend any of the shows on the tour, listen for ABR’s sweet intro! Lastly, we’ve been extremely busy with a ton of other projects from some great regional bands as well. The next few months are shaping up with projects from Where There’s A Will, Carousel Kings, An Empire Overthrown, Adelphia, Worth Killing For, With Life In Mind, Young Turks, One Day Broken, Ace Augustine, Render The Sky, The Life To Come and more. Stay tuned. – c

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ABR, Chad and Pat, The Life To Come

Posted by Carson Slovak on Jan.16, 2010

Just finished up a few cool projects. I produced and tracked a Christmas cover song of “O Come Emmanuel” for good buddies August Burns Red. The song will likely be released around November in some capacity via SolidState Recs. It was great to actually take our time tracking this, as when I’ve recorded ABR in the past, we were simply doing pre-production demos and didn’t have a huge amount of time to work with. But this is a legit track and we’re all really stoked on how it came out.

I’ve also been writing and producing some stuff with my friends Chad and Pat, who play in the band LIVE (you may have heard of them). It’s been a blast so far, to say the least. Chad’s the guy who pretty much got me into rock music and recording. Updates on that to follow shortly.

Scranton, PA area band The Life To Come were just in this week for a mixing session. We finished up work on their upcoming EP “Fortune Tellers”. They are an AWESOME band and I highly recommend checking them out. Their record hasn’t left my car yet, so that must mean something! – c

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