Studio Policies

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the studio policy. A clear understanding of the policy will reduce confusion later on.


We require a 50% deposit on all time booked. If your deposit is not received within 10 days of booking your session, your time will be forfeited to another client.


The balance of your payment must be settled before receiving any final masters. You can make payment by check, money order or PayPal. Checks can be made payable to “Atrium Audio, LLC”.

Rough Mixes

We will provide you with up to 2 CD-Rs rough mix of the completed project at the end of your last tracking session.


Masters are generally provided on CD, DVD or client-owned hard drive. In the event that another studio will be mixing or mastering your project, we can provide you with the individual tracks, mix stems or final stereo mix at our standard flat rate for time spent printing the files.

Starting Time

When you schedule a session, it is expected you will arrive at the agreed upon starting time. It should be understood that we will bill you from the beginning of your scheduled time regardless of what time you arrive.

Extraneous People

We try to maintain a relaxed atmosphere at the studio so as not to disrupt efficiency or work flow. Therefore, we prefer that persons not in the band or relevant to the recording process not be present. We understand that sometimes artists enjoy having their friends hang out, but we’ve found that it creates more of a distraction for the engineer and artist trying to work and ultimately slows down the process, costing you money. If there are songs that include gang vocals or something similar, you’re welcome to bring a group of people in to help out, but we prefer to do this at the end of the tracking sessions and only to track those parts. Thanks for understanding.

Restricted Recordings

As a professional recording studio we respect the intellectual property rights of all artists. We reserve the right to cancel your session if we believe you are infringing on the copyrighted material of others. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse service to any artist with racist or otherwise inappropriate material.

Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol is permitted as long as those consuming it are over 21 years of age. Smoking is prohibited on the premises by order of the Fire Marshal. If you choose to smoke outdoors, please use the receptacle provided for this purpose.