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New Location, Up and Running

Posted by Carson Slovak on Jul.19, 2011

June was a pretty hectic month for Atrium. Between finishing several projects at the same time, tearing apart / organizing / packing up the old studio, accruing some good old debt on some brand new gear, settling on a building, moving in / organizing / setting up the new studio and jumping right into an overbooked recording schedule, I’m somewhat surprised I haven’t suffered a brain aneurysm or at least a quick murder-suicide. But now that the dust is finally settled, I’m proud to announce that Atrium Audio 3.0 is up and running.

Moving out of the old studio was a bittersweet process. So many things I couldn’t stand about that stupid place but I can’t deny the last five years being some of the best in my life. I’ve learned so much about recording and producing, made life-long friends, built my business and had some incredibly fun experiences in that old warehouse. But at the end of the day, I suppose the allure of high-class amenities such as internet and hot water was just too much to bear.

Onwards and upwards. In classic form, my estimated timeframe for the move was about half as much time as was actually needed. As a result, the first scheduled recording sessions for the new studio had to be pushed back a full week, in turn condensing the next six weeks of sessions into a highly-concentrated workaholic’s wet dream. Our new Argosy desk didn’t even arrive until three days into the first band’s progress. Grant’s tour with TOTA was cancelled unexpectedly and he managed to book a week’s worth of sessions for Studio B before they even arrived back in Lancaster. Surprisingly though, very few bugs had to be worked out and we managed to get acclimated to the new studio pretty quickly. 13 bands later and we finally have a few days off, allowing us to clean the studio spotless and get our buddy Eric Forberger to come in and take some slick new interior photos (and subsequently enabling me to update this website).

So there you have it. Poke around and check out the new digs. Needless to say, everyone involved with the studio is extremely excited about the new place. Thanks to all of the bands who helped me build something from nothing over the last few years. – c

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