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Long-Overdue Update

Posted by Carson Slovak on Oct.17, 2017

I suppose taking almost two years to update this news section is a good thing? We have been very busy since I last had a chance to remember we have a website. So, here’s a long-overdue update.

Perhaps one of the most interesting projects that Grant and I have been sinking our time into would have to be our new accidental band Galactic Empire. We started this as a joke with a funny music video of Star Wars characters playing a heavy metal version of the movie’s theme music. The video was released the same day that Star Wars Episode 7 came out and wound up hitting 8 million views in under a week between Facebook and Youtube, getting a ton of national press, and even got us invited to play on live TV on the E! Entertainment channel during their coverage of the 2016 Academy Awards.

We’ve since successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign for our debut album and have made the live band a reality, already with several successful headlining tours completed. Galactic Empire’s album was released in February 2017, through Velocity / Rise Records and is comprised of metal versions of the iconic Star Wars movie score by John Williams. From a production perspective, the album is one of the most challenging mixes we’ve ever done and we’re incredibly proud of how it came out sounding. The band continues to plan a new album, music video and touring into 2018.

We were incredibly stoked for our buddies August Burns Red when we found out their album Found In Far Away Places that we produced was nominated for the 2016 Grammy Awards for Best Metal Performance. Grant and I have been friends with these guys since they were a local band starting out and to see this huge achievement they were able to reach is nothing short of amazing. ABR is a fantastic band and some of the most hardworking musicians I’ve met, and they deserve nothing but success.

And on that subject, the brand new August Burns Red album Phantom Anthem was just released this past week through Fearless Records to an overwhelming critical response. Grant and I worked with our dudes for two months straight producing and mixing this album. In my opinion, it’s easily their best album. I’m incredibly stoked on how the songs turned out and how the whole album feels. ABR is just one of those bands that keeps getting better at writing songs. Here’s the hilarious music video for “Invisible Enemy”:

Very stoked about the latest Candlebox album that Grant and I produced and mixed. Of course I’ll be biased, but Disappearing In Airports is easily one of my favorite albums by them and we had an absolute blast working on it together. Kevin continues to be one of the best human beings I know, as well as an incredibly talented singer and songwriter. It was also super cool to track the powerful Dave Krusen on drums for this album. Dave’s drumming had a big impact on me when I was a young lad listening to Pearl Jam’s debut album Ten, one of the sickest rock drumming performances and mixes I’ve heard to this day. Here’s their video for “Supernova”:

This past May, Grant and I got the chance to step outside of our comfort zone and into a rented house on the edge of a mountain in Australia to produce a banger of an album for our homies down under, Polaris. These dudes have been killing it in Australia since the release of their first EP, which we had the pleasure of mixing a while back. This time, it worked out that Grant and I could go travel to Australia and produce a full length for the band while isolated in a beach house. It was a fantastic experience and incredibly fun. The guys in Polaris are great musicians and human beings, and I think we made a fantastic album. The Mortal Coil will be released November 3rd via Resist / Sharptone Records. Here’s the video for “The Remedy” off the album:

From Ashes To New were in the studio over the summer recording the follow-up to their successful debut album “Year One” that we also produced. Their new album is super catchy and full of big choruses and dense synth layers. We had a good time working on these songs and the band’s new singer has a killer voice. Very excited for this album to be released. We also just finished up a full-length for one of the best progressive death metal bands currently, Rivers of Nihil. Their last album, Monarchy, is an incredible album that I wasn’t sure could be topped, but they’ve done it. The new album is simply mind-blowing, with very unexpected turns throughout and a huge dynamic range. I am ridiculously excited for this album to be released. Grant and I are also pumped about the new A Wake In Providence album we’re finishing up for Outerloop Records. It is extremely heavy and technical.

We’ve had a blast working on a whole bunch of awesome projects since I last updated this page, too many to get into in detail. But we thank all of the great musicians we’ve had the opportunity to work with over the last year and a half and we’re very stoked for all the exciting upcoming projects. Thanks for reading and until next time…