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August Burns Red, With Life In Mind

Posted by Carson Slovak on Jul.26, 2010

We’ve been super-busy the past few months and it looks like the next few will be the same. Garrett and I finished up co-producing / mixing With Life In Mind’s new album for CI Records. It came out great and the band did an incredible job with everything. This project was a fantastic learning experience for both Garrett and I, as we introduced each other to our own different methods and techniques. I think the record sounds sick! Head over to the band’s MySpace page to check out a new song from the album.

I just put the finishing touches on the mix for the new live CD / DVD “Home” for good buddies August Burns Red. We’re all really stoked on how this came out. It’s raw and full of energy but still tight and heavy, just like their live show. The DVD was filmed right here in Manheim, PA last month and features an hour-long performance to a sold out crowd of 1,250 people as well as a band documentary and other sweet stuff. The live performance is also being released as a CD via SolidState Records on September 28th. I am beyond stoked about this project as it was new territory for me in terms of mixing and I love how it came out.

Speaking of ABR, we just scheduled a few sessions next month to record a new song. It’s already shaping up to be amazing. Details forthcoming. Also, this is old news but head over to iTunes and pick up Texas In July’s new single “Uncivilized” which we recorded a few months back. Other cool projects coming up include: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Now The City, Ace Augustine, Adam Taylor, Vision and Color, Coming Forth By Day, My Heart To Fear, Dream Device, One Day Broken and Years Since the Storm.

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