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Long-Overdue Update

Posted by Carson Slovak on Oct.17, 2017

I suppose taking almost two years to update this news section is a good thing? We have been very busy since I last had a chance to remember we have a website. So, here’s a long-overdue update.

Perhaps one of the most interesting projects that Grant and I have been sinking our time into would have to be our new accidental band Galactic Empire. We started this as a joke with a funny music video of Star Wars characters playing a heavy metal version of the movie’s theme music. The video was released the same day that Star Wars Episode 7 came out and wound up hitting 8 million views in under a week between Facebook and Youtube, getting a ton of national press, and even got us invited to play on live TV on the E! Entertainment channel during their coverage of the 2016 Academy Awards.

We’ve since successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign for our debut album and have made the live band a reality, already with several successful headlining tours completed. Galactic Empire’s album was released in February 2017, through Velocity / Rise Records and is comprised of metal versions of the iconic Star Wars movie score by John Williams. From a production perspective, the album is one of the most challenging mixes we’ve ever done and we’re incredibly proud of how it came out sounding. The band continues to plan a new album, music video and touring into 2018.

We were incredibly stoked for our buddies August Burns Red when we found out their album Found In Far Away Places that we produced was nominated for the 2016 Grammy Awards for Best Metal Performance. Grant and I have been friends with these guys since they were a local band starting out and to see this huge achievement they were able to reach is nothing short of amazing. ABR is a fantastic band and some of the most hardworking musicians I’ve met, and they deserve nothing but success.

And on that subject, the brand new August Burns Red album Phantom Anthem was just released this past week through Fearless Records to an overwhelming critical response. Grant and I worked with our dudes for two months straight producing and mixing this album. In my opinion, it’s easily their best album. I’m incredibly stoked on how the songs turned out and how the whole album feels. ABR is just one of those bands that keeps getting better at writing songs. Here’s the hilarious music video for “Invisible Enemy”:

Very stoked about the latest Candlebox album that Grant and I produced and mixed. Of course I’ll be biased, but Disappearing In Airports is easily one of my favorite albums by them and we had an absolute blast working on it together. Kevin continues to be one of the best human beings I know, as well as an incredibly talented singer and songwriter. It was also super cool to track the powerful Dave Krusen on drums for this album. Dave’s drumming had a big impact on me when I was a young lad listening to Pearl Jam’s debut album Ten, one of the sickest rock drumming performances and mixes I’ve heard to this day. Here’s their video for “Supernova”:

This past May, Grant and I got the chance to step outside of our comfort zone and into a rented house on the edge of a mountain in Australia to produce a banger of an album for our homies down under, Polaris. These dudes have been killing it in Australia since the release of their first EP, which we had the pleasure of mixing a while back. This time, it worked out that Grant and I could go travel to Australia and produce a full length for the band while isolated in a beach house. It was a fantastic experience and incredibly fun. The guys in Polaris are great musicians and human beings, and I think we made a fantastic album. The Mortal Coil will be released November 3rd via Resist / Sharptone Records. Here’s the video for “The Remedy” off the album:

From Ashes To New were in the studio over the summer recording the follow-up to their successful debut album “Year One” that we also produced. Their new album is super catchy and full of big choruses and dense synth layers. We had a good time working on these songs and the band’s new singer has a killer voice. Very excited for this album to be released. We also just finished up a full-length for one of the best progressive death metal bands currently, Rivers of Nihil. Their last album, Monarchy, is an incredible album that I wasn’t sure could be topped, but they’ve done it. The new album is simply mind-blowing, with very unexpected turns throughout and a huge dynamic range. I am ridiculously excited for this album to be released. Grant and I are also pumped about the new A Wake In Providence album we’re finishing up for Outerloop Records. It is extremely heavy and technical.

We’ve had a blast working on a whole bunch of awesome projects since I last updated this page, too many to get into in detail. But we thank all of the great musicians we’ve had the opportunity to work with over the last year and a half and we’re very stoked for all the exciting upcoming projects. Thanks for reading and until next time…

Candlebox, Live, ABR, Throw The Fight, Rivers of Nihil, Press and more

Posted by Carson Slovak on Dec.04, 2015

It’s been a while since the last update and we’ve been keeping very busy. Lots of awesome projects over the last nine months. Where to start…

It seems that we have finally achieved the 90’s trifecta. After recording albums for legendary rock bands Live and Everclear, we were fortunate enough to produce and mix a new album for multi-platinum veteran band Candlebox. I remember watching the video for “Far Behind” on MTV (long ago when they actually played music videos) and they quickly became a favorite band of mine. Skip ahead to 2015 and we’ve produced what I feel is their best album. Grant and I are stoked on this record and can’t wait for it to be released in early 2016. The band is still running a Pledge Music campaign where you can scoop up some awesome pre-order bundles. Check that out HERE.


Speaking of Live, their last album that we engineered a while ago is being released in Australia and we recently travelled to beautiful York, PA to produce and mix some bonus material for the release. We tracked full-band acoustic versions of some of their big hits, including “Lightning Crashes”, “The Dolphin’s Cry” and “Lakini’s Juice”. Really stoked on how they came out and it was awesome to sit in a room and watch one of my favorite bands jam these songs out together.


Atrium has been getting some press lately. I did interviews for two of our favorite companies, API and Aviom. We’ve been big fans of both companies for a while and it was really cool for them to feature us on their websites. Check out the API feature on their website HERE and the Aviom piece HERE.


We were also a part of 2015’s Launch Music Conference, which is always a great time. I got to speak on a panel with some buddies of mine including Kevin Lyman (Van’s Warped Tour), JB Brubaker (August Burns Red), Vince Edwards (Metal Blade Records), David Silbaugh (Milwaukee Summer Fest) and Mike Mowery (Outerloop Entertainment). Check out the Launch Music Conference website and register to play or attend in 2016.


Throw The Fight travelled all the way from Minneapolis to record their new full-length with us, the long-awaited follow-up to the John Feldmann-produced “What Doesn’t Kill Us”. It was a pleasure hanging out with these dudes and crushing this album with them. It’s super catchy and heavy as hell. We couldn’t be more excited about it. Expect an early 2016 release through Bullet Tooth Records.


The newest August Burns Red album that we produced and mixed was released over the summer to an overwhelming critical response, once again earning a spot in the Billboard 200 Top Ten with 29,000 copies sold in its first week of release. We are super proud of this album and want to congratulate our friends for their biggest first week yet. They are currently headlining a full-US tour with support from Every Time I Die and Stick To Your Guns. Here’s their video for “Ghosts” which features Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember.

We recorded a new full-length for PA’s Rivers of Nihil, released on Metalblade Records. These dudes recorded an EP with me years ago in our old facility and have since grown into one of the most interesting and relevant American death metal bands. The album is an awesome progression from their last release; very atmospheric, dynamic and heavy. Check out their video for “Sand Baptism” below.

The homies in Lancaster’s Vital Signs just dropped a video for their song “Forgive and Regret”. We’ve been slowly working on a new EP with them and it’s turning out great. Early next year we’ll also begin work on a full-length, but for now, check out the video here:

Our buddies in Pittsburg’s Secret Eyes signed with Tragic Hero Records and finally released their full-length “Comatose”. I think this is the longest we’ve ever worked on an album – we actually started recording it about 4 years ago, a song or two at a time. It’s a really cool, spacey rock album for fans of Circa Survive and the like. Here’s their video for “Oh Dear” featuring Johnny Craig.

We had a great time working on a full-length for another sick Pittsburg band called Unparalleled Height. These dudes are super solid and the guitar playing is phenomenal. Fans of Killswitch Engage and Affiance will love this record. Here’s the video for “Embrace The Storm”.

Lancaster pals A Scent Like Wolves have signed with We Are Triumphant to release their latest album that we produced. These dudes are good friends of ours and have recorded with us many times. Their EP “Alternate Lives” will be released in December 2015 with a full-length following next year. Below is their lyric video for “Sycophant”.

Toronto, Ontario’s Weston made the trip down to record an EP with us. This band is super heavy and comprised of really great dudes. If you dig The Last Ten Seconds of Life, you’ll probably dig these guys. Here’s their video for “Summit”.

Black Crown Initiate, TLTSOL, From Ashes To New, August Burns Red

Posted by Carson Slovak on Feb.02, 2015

Hi everyone, Carson here with a long-overdue blog update. I suppose being so busy that you neglect the studio website is a good problem to have, but the time has finally come! Since the last update in March of 2014, Grant and I have had the pleasure to work on a number of really awesome projects. Where to begin?

The new Texas In July and Affiance albums turned out great and were both released to high critical praise, making it onto many year-end best of lists. Here are music videos from both albums to check out:

The new album The Turn from legendary rock band LIVE that we engineered alongside renowned producer (and Talking Heads member) Jerry Harrison, was also released and incredibly well-received, especially considering it’s their debut album with new singer Chris Shinn and first release in 8 years. Longtime fans of the band are very enthusiastic about the new music and the album has been getting overwhelmingly positive reviews. Here’s the video for the first single off The Turn called “The Way Around Is Through”:

In other iconic 90s band news, we completed producing, engineering and mixing the new album Black is the New Black for our friends in Everclear and it’s truly a great, heavy rock record that fans of the band’s early recordings will appreciate. Grant and I put a TON of work into this album and we’re super proud of it. Here’s the recently released lyric video for the first single called “The Man Who Broke His Own Heart”:

We produced a new full-length for our great friends in Black Crown Initiate back in June. These dudes are not only some of the best musicians we’ve ever worked with, they are also one of my personal favorite death metal bands. I recorded their first EP about a year and a half ago and since then they’ve been touring with the likes of Behemoth, Crowbar, Unearth, Napalm Death and The Faceless (among others) and have signed a record deal with eOne Music. The highly-anticipated debut full-length The Wreckage of Stars was released to a massive response from fans and critics alike. Here’s their music video for the song “Withering Waves” off the new album:

The Last Ten Seconds of Life, another favorite band of mine, was here back in October to record a new full-length titled “Soulless Hymns” and it is one of the heaviest albums I’ve ever heard. We’ve recorded everything this band has released over the years and it’s always a blast having them in, more like a party than a recording session. They just finished up a tour with Veil of Maya, Upon A Burning Body, Volumes and Gideon and are about to embark on a run with Oceano. Here’s “North of Corpus” from the new album:

We also just finished work on an upcoming new full-length for rap-rock act From Ashes To New. Despite a very different genre classification, these guys have shown a similar trajectory to Black Crown Initiate, coming out of nowhere just over a year ago and garnering a sizable fan base and a ton of industry buzz from their independently-released debut EP that we did in 2013. We can’t announce anything yet but there are big things in store for FATN and fans of the band will be absolutely blown away by their new record.


We spent the entirety of November and December producing, engineering and mixing a brand new album for Atrium regulars August Burns Red. Our history with ABR is a long and storied one. They were one of the first bands I ever recorded about 10 years ago when I was learning the ropes in my apartment with limited gear and they were a relatively unknown local band. ABR has of course grown into one of the most popular metal bands in the world, releasing six full-length albums with Tooth & Nail / SolidState Records and touring the world over with multiple sold-out headliners and top spots on Vans Warped Tour. As things tend to come full-circle, we’ve had the privilege of producing and mixing the band’s last two full-lengths (2012’s Sleddin’ Hill and 2013’s Rescue & Restore, which charted in the Billboard 200’s Top Ten upon release) in addition to recording many bonus singles / cover songs and mixing their live album / DVD, Home. This upcoming 7th album to be released in 2015 by new label Fearless Records is everything an ABR fan could want; crushing heaviness, undeniably catchy melody and thought-provoking experimentation. More news on this to come but for now, here’s ABR’s cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” that appeared on the recently released Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6 compilation:

Last week we (finally) finished up a new album for our great friends (and Grant’s former band) This or the Apocalypse, which we actually started back in October. It’s a great album and an intriguing progression from their previous work. Super excited about it. We also had an awesome band called Cardinal’s Pride travel all the way from Quebec, Canada to record an EP. Super technical riffs and melodic choruses for fans of Periphery and Misery Signals (and they even taught Grant and I some swear words in French). Today, we started a brand new full-length for Atrium alumni, A Scent Like Wolves. Their singer Al recently did an internship with us and they’re a sweet band. We’ve also had the pleasure of working on a number of other killer EPs and full-lengths over the last 10 months including Andross, From Under The Willow, Dustin Davidson, Atlantic Avenue, Arm the Slaves, Memoria, Alustrium, X-Hunters, No One’s Hero, Grace’s Downfall, Hope Remains, Cop Land, Summer Scouts, Chloe Fazenbaker, Dead Weight, Vital Signs and Polaris.

Lots of cool projects coming up as well so stay tuned and hopefully I’ll get around to the next website update before another year goes by. Thanks, as always, for the interest and support. – c

Texas In July, Affiance, Everclear, Launch 2014

Posted by Carson Slovak on Mar.23, 2014

We’ve had a great start to 2014 with some incredible projects. January was spent tracking a new album for Texas In July. Atrium has a long history with TIJ. We produced their first EP and full-length years ago when they began their career as a local Lancaster, PA band and we’ve watched them grow into an international touring powerhouse, releasing several amazing albums on Equal Vision Records and refining their signature sound with every new song. Grant and I were extremely excited to have the opportunity to produce their newest album and the process was an absolute blast. Check out their excellently-filmed studio update videos below and get excited for their heaviest and most forward-thinking album to-date.

February was spent with our great buddies, Cleveland, OH’s Affiance. These dudes recorded their last album, 2012’s The Campaign, with us and we were stoked to have them back. Since they were last in the studio, Affiance has been killing it on tour with bands like Killswitch Engage, Darkest Hour and Protest The Hero. Their new material picks up where The Campaign left off, continuing the conceptual motif with their distinct socio-political thematics and classic approach to melodic heavy metal. Needless to say, we had a great time once again and the album turned out amazing. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on the mix and you can check out a studio update below.

Grant and I are super excited about our current project. We’re producing a brand new full-length album for alternative rock legends Everclear. As I mentioned in the last blog post, we had the opportunity to record a demo song for Everclear back in October 2013. After testing several other producers, the band decided that they wanted to work with us for the whole album. We’re tracking the album at Think Loud Studios in York, PA, the studio that was recently built by our brothers in the band LIVE and where we recorded their new album as well. I’m personally a sucker for 90’s alt-rock (it’s pretty much all I listen to recreationally) so getting the chance to produce an album for a band I’ve been listening to since I was 14 is quite exciting for me. The new Everclear songs are everything a long-time fan could want; straight-forward, heavy-hitting rock songs with undeniably catchy vocal hooks. We have all the basic tracks complete and we’re starting guitar overdubs and vocals this week, with a final mix to be completed by the end of April.


Once again, Atrium will be a sponsor of this year’s upcoming Launch Music Conference and Festival. The conference is an awesome opportunity for bands of all sizes to perform, interact and learn about many facets of the music industry. Grant and I will be hanging out at the Convention Center in downtown Lancaster April 17-20 and there are a ton of great local and national bands playing throughout the festival, including Panic at the Disco, Chiodos and Whitechapel. Grant and I will also be guest speakers on several industry panel discussions on April 18-19. Click here for the full schedule of panel discussions and then come out and heckle us. We’d like to thank the CI Companies for the opportunity to be continually involved in this awesome event and we hope to see you there. Check out the official Launch Music website for more info.


In other news, we recently collaborated with our friends at Fake Life Clothing, a charitable clothing line that helps small business start-ups in third-world countries. I designed the limited Fake Life / Atrium t-shirt and it’s available now at the Fake Life web store. Click here to buy it and contribute to a good cause.

Some of the awesome projects coming up for Atrium in the next few months include a new full-length for longtime friends and collaborators, This or the Apocalypse, a new album for Black Crown Initiate, who kick off their tour with Behemoth this week and a new From Under The Willow album, who recorded their last release with us in 2013. Stay tuned and thanks as always for the support! – c

Year-End Update: New Website, Live, Everclear, FATN

Posted by Carson Slovak on Jan.01, 2014

Hope everyone is having a great New Year. 2013 has been quite an eventful year for Atrium. Grant and I have had the pleasure of recording some incredible bands and we couldn’t be happier with how all the projects have been turning out. As you can see, I finally got around to building a new website, which we’re pretty excited about. We also recently spent some time renovating the main control room and installing some new gear and furniture, as well as painting the outside of the building and adding an original Area 51 arcade game to the lounge. Grant and I are stoked to start the new year off with all these new improvements finished up.

03In recording news, we got the amazing opportunity to work on a new album for one of my favorite bands since I was 13, LIVE, who just recently ended a 3-year hiatus with a new vocalist and a renewed energy. Grant and I spent a month doing pre-production with them in their practice space and then moved over to the band’s huge, new multi-million dollar studio that they just built in York, PA. I spent the entirety of October and November driving to York everyday while Grant held down the fort at our place in Lancaster. The album was co-produced by the legendary Jerry Harrison, famed producer and keyboardist / guitarist of The Modern Lovers and Talking Heads. It was such a cool experience not only getting to work with Jerry but also to engineer and co-produce the best record Live has made since Throwing Copper. The album is being mixed by Tom Lord-Alge through January and we’re all incredibly proud of this album.

04And in another twist of 90’s rock fate, Grant and I recently got to produce a demo single for another one of my favorite bands since I was a kid, Everclear. We spent two days working on the song and everyone was super excited about how it turned out. The band’s vocalist, Art Alexakis, is one of the coolest guys we’ve worked with. He brought in a great song idea and gave us the creative freedom to help flesh it out and realize his vision. It was an awesome session and we couldn’t be more excited for people to hear it.

Some of our great friends from the area just started a new band called From Ashes To New. Grant spent time working with them on an EP while I was in York over the past few months. They have a great sound, reminiscent of early Linkin Park. Since releasing their debut single, they’ve jumped up to one of the top 5 spots in regular rotation on Sirius Octane radio and their single is consistently selling 600+ units a week on iTunes. This is very impressive for such a new band and we’d like to congratulate them on their accomplishment. We’re planning on working on a full-length with them this coming year but in the meantime, you can check out their new music video here:

We were also fortunate enough to work on an excellent new full-length of brutal death metal for our longtime friends, Fisthammer, as well as an awesome new EP for Buffalo, NY’s My City My Secret. In keeping with their annual holiday tradition, our best buddies August Burns Red (who recently achieved a Billboard 200 Top Ten release with their latest full-length that Grant and I produced back in March) came in and knocked out a brand new Christmas single, their version of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. It’s easily my favorite Christmas song they’ve done. I The Breather also just released the first single from their new full-length that we recorded recently, which you can check out below. Lastly, our former intern Chris Kelly just spent a week recording drums and vocals for his own band, Alustrium’s new album, which is already shaping up to be incredible.

Grant spent most of November doing pre-production with our good pals Texas In July, in preparation for their new album which we start recording together next week and through the end of January, fresh off their tour with The Devil Wears Prada. This is by far the band’s best material to date and we can’t wait to start the recording process. Also coming up is a new full-length from our great friends in Affiance, for whom we recorded an album back in 2012 and who have since gone on to tour with the likes of Killswitch Engage and Protest the Hero.

Needless to say, 2014 is already off to a fantastic start. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the continued support. Cheers! – c

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